First Moves of 2015!

While 2014 has come to a close, we look forward to all the possibilities that 2015 may bring. Many see the new year as a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to change and try new things. We here at U-Haul are excited for the new year and excited to see how our customers are embracing the spirit of the new year by sharing their moving photos using #uhaulfamous on instagram.

New moves are being made everyday here at U-Haul but these individuals will forever be known as the first U-Haul movers of 2015 on Social Media. These first moving photos of 2015 will undoubtedly end up on the side of a moving truck and if you would like to submit your moving photos for a chance to have your picture on a truck please check out our #uhaulfamous campaign here: for more info.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about their new years day moves:

first move 5

“Lol some of my brothers helped us move #jw #Brothers #uhaulfamous” @traybands

first move 3

“Drivin my #uhaul 8D #uhaulfamous” @andyokoakley

first move 4

“Pre-moving #breakfast. #uhaulfamous @andyokoakley

first move 6

“Red Rocks #pdandj #pdandjgowest #pdandjgotocali # volkwagen #tdi #archesnationalpark #uhaulfamous #uhaul #adventure #gowest #dirtycar #redrocks #utah” @juliepalmerr

Airial Moving Day

#uhaulfamous #uhaul @andyokoakley


Did you move on New Years Day? Share your story with us!

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