The Unique Customer Care Reps of U-Box

PHOENIX (Feb. 16, 2016) — Did you know if you called to schedule a U-Box portable self-storage container (U-Box) to be dropped off at your house, it would be driven and delivered by a female U-Haul customer care representative (CCR)? That’s because all of the 185 U-Haul CCRs- are women.

“I would often arrive to a customer’s home and be asked if more help was coming,” U-Haul CCR manager Teagan White said. “When I started, the majority of the customers were in awe that I drove the truck and operated the forklift alone and with ease.”

White is better known as “Queen Bee” to her fellow CCR’s as she manages them and provides guidance so they can do their jobs more efficiently. White has been with U-Haul for eight years and the last five have been with the U-Box program and managing the CCR’s. She still does work out in the field when necessary.

“Becoming a CCR at first was intimidating and overwhelming,” White continued. “From getting my license to practically doing a job that most of our customers saw as a man’s occupation wasn’t easy.”

After getting her commercial driver’s license and learning more about the job, White liked the flexibility with her schedule and the fact she wasn’t glued to a desk. Now she gives her fellow CCR’s whatever they need out in field to make their jobs easier.

“Trying to get everyone on the same page is the hardest part,” White continued. “Because U-Box is considered to be in its infancy, the program is sometimes viewed as a separate entity but we are all on the same U-Haul team.”

“The CCR’s are great to work with, they know I’ve done their job in the field and walked in their shoes. They see me doing the job as well in the training videos I create for them.”

So why did U-Haul decide to step outside of the box, so to speak, and have only females behind the wheel of the U-Box program? It was an unprecedented move by management after seeing a certain need. Many of those who are responsible for the moving and storing decisions in a household are the females. The CCR is the first person to greet that customer.Karena Landerville, U-Box CCR

“Nine times out of ten when customers see me they say, you go girl,” U-Haul CCR Karena Landerville said. “Most of the time, I deal with women when delivering the U-Box containers to customer’s homes, so I think having a female delivery person is a little less intimidating. I think in many cases, we ladies handle the U-Box containers with a little more “care” then some men do.”

Landerville has been with U-Haul for two years and works in southern Arizona at the U-Haul Moving & Storage of Marana. She was originally offered a job as an assistant driver but within days that changed to the main driver. She had to move quickly to get her licensing, but says it was well worth it.

“I think it’s great that U-Haul recognizes how wonderful we women are.”

The CCR’s are in charge of loading, delivering and unloading the U-Box. The portable self-storage containers were introduced seven years ago, and currently there are 63,000 in circulation. U-Box containers let you control every step of the moving and storing process. Call and it will be delivered to your front door. If you would rather pick up the container yourself – no problem.

The U-Box container provides solutions to each situation to make every move stress-free. If the customer wants help with loading their personal items into a U-Box container, CCR’s have Moving Help. These professional movers partner with U-Haul allowing more customers to be served.U-Box

“U-Haul is a name people trust,” White added. “We are one step ahead of the competition with our U-Box as it suits the customer’s needs, the program is tailored for them and gives them so many options.”

The U-Box container program is continually evolving. There have been updates to the management tool, strategy map, a new schedule-a-transfer tool, and a new U-Scan device. There is more support staff in the office as well to make sure those in the field are well-equipped.

“The CCR position has come a long way,” White continued. “The role has grown to be more and more important in the company and continues to be an elite team of women who do a job that not many could do.”

Frequently asked questions about U-Box containers such as the size, how long it takes to load and load can be found by clicking here.

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