A Lady’s Touch: Women Thrive in U-Haul Manufacturing Sector

Since U-Haul Company’s founding, women have made up an invaluable segment of the U-Haul Team Members in the U.S. and Canada. Women contribute to all facets of the organization, from customer service to management. That even includes a division where some may be surprised to find a female presence: manufacturing.

From the Beginning

WWII Navy veteran L.S. “Sam” Shoen and his wife, Anna Mary Carty Shoen, co-founded U-Haul in 1945. The couple shared the workload and put every spare cent they had into creating what today serves as the industry leader in do-it yourself moving and self-storage.Richelle Begay spends her days brazing and soldering metals to precise specs from behind a welding helmet.

From the start, U-Haul was in the business of breaking barriers. Anna Mary ran the business office, putting in eight hours a day in addition to raising a family. She kept the books, compiled and sent out weekly reports, received rental income from the dealerships, and mailed out dealer commission checks.

Anna Mary laid the foundation for women to make their mark on the Company. In celebration of Women’s History Month, U-Haul is recognizing the determined women who help make U-Haul go behind the scenes, even if that scene is a manufacturing plant.

Women in Manufacturing

Once dominated by men, the manufacturing field is changing. Therefore, U-Haul Company’s manufacturing arm incorporates women at every level.

Richelle Begay is a welder at Glendale Manufacturing Company. For four years, Begay has spent her days brazing and soldering metals to precise specs from behind a welding helmet.Alejandrina Daley directs the precision light beams on the Salvagnini L3 Fiber Lasers.

“For me, being a woman in the manufacturing field feels like any other job,” Begay says. “I get treated like everyone else. I don’t get special treatment. As a result, it makes me feel like there isn’t anything women can’t do.”

Alejandrina Daley is a machine operator. She directs the precision light beams on the Salvagnini L3 Fiber Lasers. She has more than nine valuable years of manufacturing experience.

“Any work that is given to a woman, a woman can do,” Daley says. “We have no limitations.”

Equality and Diversity

U-Haul strives to incorporate diversity at every level while rewarding its Team Members with the best possible working environment. The new Glendale Manufacturing Company opened on Oct. 10. As a result, the 114,000-square-foot facility includes striking technological advances and upgraded Team Member enhancements, making it an appealing workplace for anyone.

“This facility is so much bigger and cleaner,” says Selina Espindola, a materials handler at the plant. “The environment here is great. I love the people. I’m treated equally and I am so proud to see more women in the (manufacturing) field.”

Who are the strong women in your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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