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Patti Davis 2008

U-Haul Dealer Pioneer Patti Davis

ASHEVILLE, N.C.—When Patti and Bob Davis opened Patti’s Towing and U-Haul Dealership in 1968, they were the first and only U-Haul representative in Asheville. A lot has changed over the…

Boston Moving Day U-Haul trucks

U-Haul Crushes it on Boston Moving Day

BOSTON—You might be able to easily “pahk ya cah in Hahvahd Yahd,” but planning a move in Boston on September 1 is a bit more challenging. (Sorry, Bostonians. That joke…

It’s A ReLeaf to Thank You

Since December 2011, more than 83,000 (and counting!) U-Haul customers have chosen to contribute to Tree Canada at time of renting a truck or trailer.  These contributions support planting trees…


Advice for College Students

U-Haul is passionate about education and loves to support college students in an easy move or help moving on from college into the career world.  U-Haul believes in hiring interns…

Walker's Service Group

Walker’s Service: 55 Years and Counting

Back when U-Haul rental equipment carried the message “ONE WAY ANYWHERE,” Lovell was just about as “anywhere” as you could get. Located in the north-central U.S. not far from the…

U-Haul consumer confidence

70 Years of Consumer Confidence

As all of us living in this 21st Century know almost too well, technology is constantly changing, and with it so are the various industries and the people it affects….