U-Haul Stories

Matt Rrodrigues Canada Trip

Matthew Rodrigues – A 3,500 MILE ADVENTURE!

Not everyone gets the opportunity to journey from Anchorage, Alaska to Los Angeles, California in a 20 foot U-Haul. Matthew Rodrigues did! He then shared this wonderful video with us….

Near Cat-astrophe

PORTLAND, Ore.—Thanks to teamwork and quick thinking, U-Haul team members in Portland avoided what could have been a real cat-astrophe. Tamara Diaz had been hearing cat noises that seemed to…

U-Haul Soars Again with DeGroot Family

BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y.—Edward DeGroot may be new to the U-Haul dealer world, but as the son of a former dealer he’s no stranger to the U-Haul family. His 83-year-old father, Wallace…

Moving a military family - trailer

A Moving Adventure by a Marine Wife

Kara Pieraccini is married to a career Marine. They just completed move number 5 since being married, with 2 of those being overseas. Because of this, she kinda thinks of herself…

U-Haul Will Put a Hitch on Anything

When U-Haul says they’ll put a hitch on just about anything, they’re not clowning around. If it has four wheels and a motor, odds are U-Haul can equip it for…

Larry Burch: Big-League Leadership

OCEANSIDE, Calif.—The ping of an aluminum bat; the pop of a glove; snow cones after the game. These are the sights and sounds of Little League, which has been teaching…

U-Haul family

A U-Haul Family Story: Albert Tayman

U-Haul began as a family-owned small business and has grown significantly since then. But what hasn’t changed? The emphasis on family. There are lots of families that work within U-Haul…

Nick Papa Skating 1

Nick Papa: Skating With Style

PHOENIX— “When you’re sitting at the skate park watching all the kids, it’s like sitting at the ocean watching the waves,” declared Shannon Papa, U-Haul Trailer and SRI Program manager….

U-Haul Couples Who Got Hitched - LOVE

U-Haul Couples Who Got Hitched: Part Two

PHOENIX – Just because Valentine’s Day is over, that doesn’t mean the love has stopped at the U-Haul International Inc. headquarters. Many couples were excited to share their stories, check…

Returned Wedding Ring

Returned Wedding Ring WOWs Customer

Houston—When U-Haul customer Jay Ribble left his wedding ring on the sink at U-Haul Moving and Storage at 34th Street, he thought he was in the “doghouse” for life. But,…