U-Haul Stories

WWE Divas Visit U-Haul

ORLANDO, Fla.—Reality TV met U-Haul recently when E!’s reality TV show, “Total Divas,” paid a visit to a U-Haul center in Orlando to shoot an episode for their upcoming season….

The Team Member Selfie

The Best Selfies of 2014

When it comes to words used in 2014, “selfie” is definitely one to note. We’ve all seen the duck or sparrow faces, the #NoFilter and even the #SelfieSunday. If sharing…

U-Haul Dealer Andy Bohl won the 2013 NHRA regional championship.

Drag Racing U-Haul Dealer

RACINE, Wis.—Accelerating from zero to 260 miles-per-hour in 5.5 seconds, Andy Bohl of Bohl’s Automotive and U-Haul Dealership secures his standing as an adrenaline junky. But, what drives this need…

Boxman Christmas & Elf

Boxman Christmas Fun

The Holidays are fun for everyone and that includes U-Haul team members. All year long they work hard to make sure everyone’s moving needs are met and when Christmas time…

Keith Urban’s Idea of Luxury

He knows the “Right Equipment” when he sees it Perhaps Keith Urban just doesn’t need all of the frills that other celebrities do, or maybe he simply knows what millions…