Environmental, Health and Safety

At U-Haul, our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) vision enables us to meet goals, today and into the future, by delivering leading environmental, health and safety performance which is consistent…

Springfield Mass Veggie Transport

Springfield Mass Veggie Transport

A U-Haul truck is a tool many DIY movers use to relocate their belongings, but our helpful equipment wears many hats figuratively speaking. Some are used to transport camping equipment….

California Drought Warning


You may have noticed recent media coverage surrounding the historical California drought, water conservation mandates, and the newest social media phenomenon called drought shaming. California is entering its 4th year…

Sustainability through Corporate-NGO Partnerships

Collaboration is one of the keys for unlocking corporate sustainability. Leaders and system members at U-Haul fully understand that solving sustainability challenges require successful alliances with nonprofit organizations, or NGOs,…

santa barbara oil spill

Santa Barbara Oil Spill Rescue Mission

On May 19th, Santa Barbara underwent a tragic oil spill, costing them over 90 million dollars in clean up and repairs. The Refugio oil spill was originally caused by a…

Keep U-Haul in Rockville

Keep U-Haul in Rockville

U-Haul needs your support. Rockville’s U-Haul Moving & Storage at Randolph Road has been serving the community since 1983. The Montgomery County Transportation Department proposed a roadway plan in Rockville that…

Energy Demand: Save Today. Survive Tomorrow

Energy is the backbone to civilization today and a resource which billions of people’s daily lives depend on. Many realize that energy we consume today, despite progress of renewable energy…

Environmental Crescordia Award

Moving Arizona Forward

U-Haul Partners with Arizona Forward Arizona Forward is a local Arizona non-profit that has been focused on bringing economic prosperity and environmental quality to the Valley of the Sun since 1969….