Spreading Joy to Logan and Jayde this Christmas

For most, the holiday season is filled with excitement and anticipation. Family. Loved ones. Giving and receiving gifts. Laughter. Warm moments. Time well spent. Memories. Of course the scenario is idyllic, but unfortunately not always the case for some.

JAYDE 2 LLOGAN 2U-Haul Traffic Control Manager, Shannon Marvin and her team out of Portland, Oregon wanted to spread holiday cheer and find a way to give back to their community. Shannon shared that, “it took a bit more searching than anticipated but we located two children from two different families in our community that have currently fallen on hard times.” This team really stepped up to show some love two deserving kids, Logan and Jayde.

Team members pulled from their own resources to purchase gifts for these two kids. They wanted to give them gifts that they most likely wouldn’t have received otherwise. U-Haul even donated a coveted bicycle and some toy trucks! There’s nothing like the look on a child’s face when it comes to finding presents on Christmas morning. Well it’s not even Christmas yet, but with all the generosity that this U-Haul team has shown, I can only imagine the joy Logan and Jayde will feel when it’s time for their gifts. If they take after their mothers (who when were informed of what this team wanted to do, wept with tears of joy!), then it will be a Merry Christmas, indeed!

Have you done anything to give back this season? If you get the opportunity to do something for a family in need, regardless of the season, you’re strongly encouraged. This is a great example where giving is MUCH better than receiving!


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