A Spectacular and Unforgettable Proposal

U-Haul often is a part of its customers’ happiest moments and biggest steps, though it usually involves helping them move. Ehvan Tran used U-Haul moving trucks in a completely new way for one of the biggest moments of his life … his marriage proposal.

Ehvan was searching for the perfect way to propose to the love of his life, Amy. He wanted to make his proposal spectacular and unforgettable, so he crafted a plan that would involve three U-Haul trucks, a plane, a huge sign, a lot of tape and several friends.

Ehvan Tran's proposal to his girlfriend Amy wouldn't have been possible without the help of his friends and three U-Haul trucks.Ehvan started by renting a plane and hiring a pilot. Then, with the pilot’s help, he found an easy-to-see spot on the ground where he could put a huge sign that would be visible from the sky. This was where U-Haul came in. Knowing that he would need something large to be seen from that far away, Ehvan rented three U-Haul trucks that he used as the “canvas” for his giant sign, which was made of plastic and tape and sported three words: “AMY MARRY ME?”

Ehvan then went to work on the actual proposal. He brought Amy to a small airstrip where he surprised her with a private airplane ride. The two climbed into the plane and took to the skies. The entire time, Amy was enjoying the breathtaking sights and enjoyed the ride, oblivious to the life-changing surprise that awaited her.

As they approached the sign, the pilot asked Amy to look for a red barn, which was the building that the sign and U-Haul trucks were parked next to. After a little searching, Amy found the barn and the U-Haul trucks. Upon seeing the sign, Amy was surprised and ecstatic; it was one of the best moments of her life. Ehvan got down on one knee and proposed right there on the plane. Of course, Amy wholeheartedly accepted.

Together the couple shared the rest of the plane ride admiring both the view and Amy’s new ring. Then, the couple landed back on the airstrip where their friends and family were waiting to congratulate and celebrate with them.

The best part is Ehvan and his friend filmed the entire proposal without Amy knowing. See the video below. Ehvan’s proposal featuring the U-Haul trucks starts at 6:18.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH7qKp1ghSo?rel=0]

Not only was this special milestone captured on video, it also will be showcased on the sides of some U-Haul trucks because Ehvan and Amy are now U-Haul Famous!

Do you have any photos you want to submit in hopes of seeing them on the sides of some U-Haul trucks? Visit uhaulfamous.com for more details on how the process works.

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