Planting Roots in the Ground

Ever go through a check-out line when a cashier asks you to donate to a cause? Sometimes, it feels right to contribute a couple dollars. Other times, it feels like everybody-is-raising-funds-for-everything. Okay, so maybe that’s just me on a tight-budget day. The right ask often depends on timing and/or relevance. U-Haul is partnered with two tree-planting non-profits, The Conservation Fund for customers in the United States, and Tree Canada for truck-rental customers throughout Canada. These two partnerships with U-Haul offer a well-timed and relevant ask to raise funds to help clean the air we breathe and enrich our environment.

Whenever we drive, unless we have an electric car with zero tailpipe-emissions, we are polluting the air with greenhouse gas emissions as we burn fuel. Although U-Haul rental trucks are extremely aerodynamic and thus consume less fuel, the process of moving still creates carbon dioxide that pollutes the air we breathe. As you’re renting your next U-Haul truck, you have an opportunity at checkout to offset those emissions by contributing a dollar amount of your choice to The Conservation Fund Go Zero program in the U.S. or to Tree Canada’s Grow Clean Air program. 100% of your contribution is directly forwarded to purchase and plant trees…. and those trees will continue to absorb carbon dioxide from our air throughout their lifetimes. A well-timed ask, because you’re there at the counter renting a moving truck. And an extremely relevant ask, because you’re helping to balance out the carbon dioxide emissions created when driving, with planting trees to absorb those emissions. Something that definitely feels right.

To date, one million U-Haul customers (and counting) have supported these tree planting programs by contributing at point-of-sale to plant more than 330,000 trees since 2007. You can read more about the wonderful and ongoing results of these two Tree Planting partnerships at

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