Sustainable Mobility


In the U.S. and Canada, residential mobility is a need, NOT a want. More than 50 million people in North America move every year and the average U.S. resident moves 11 times in a lifetime. However, the transportation system providing us with the greatest mobility of any society on earth is also the economy’s largest source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. U-Haul, the leading company providing truck sharing services, constantly innovates in products and services to meet the needs of communities to move freely while avoiding the negative impacts of increasing road transport.

At U-Haul, we believe that moving and transportation are not only two of the most important prerequisites to achieving improved standards of living but are also human rights in today’s modern society. Enhanced personal mobility increases access to essential services which are necessary to enable people to exercise other widely accepted human rights.

The shared-use services that are provided by U-Haul continually promote sustainable transportation and moving practices, critical to local economic and human development. Research shows that drivers tend to plan their trips carefully and drive less when they pay for mileage and rental hours. Truck sharing also allows individuals access to a fleet of trucks that is larger than what they could access on an individual basis.

As the world’s largest retailer of propane, also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), U-Haul has also teamed up with ROUSH CleanTech to promote the use of propane-powered vehicles by providing a network of propane-fueling locations throughout North America. According to a study by Pew Center on Global Climate Change, vehicles dedicated to LPG can reduce GHG emissions by almost 20 percent. The U-Haul alternative-fuel infrastructure includes more than 1,100 refill locations that are staffed by trained and certified propane-dispensing teams. U-Haul propane-fueling locations are fast and convenient. Whether refilling a BBQ grill, car, truck or bus, our customers can enjoy the speed and convenience of paying right at the pump.

While reducing transportation activity and increasing energy efficiency are fundamental ways to reduce carbon emissions, changing behavior has the potential to reduce transportation fuel use and GHG emissions. Since 2007, U-Haul has provided its customers with a Fuel Economy Gauge to provide real-time feedback to drivers to help optimize fuel consumption. The innovative solution saves our customers money and helps promote sustainable mobility.

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