Made in America – Trailers

Started in 1945 by a veteran, U-Haul has been a “Made in America” kind of company. From buying the first trailers from American welding shops, to a strong commitment to helping our veterans, U-Haul has bled red, white and blue (and orange) since the beginning. So why wouldn’t the trailers be American made too?

trailersTesting of all materials happen at the Technical Center in Tempe, Arizona. That is where all research and experimentation happens to make sure U-Haul is using the best tools, materials and equipment possible. Once that is decided, the information is sent off to plants all over the country where every piece of the trailer is manufactured by U-Haul. From decals to hitches to the trailer itself: all U-Haul made and all made in America. From the plants, the trailers are distributed to wherever they are needed.

Repairs are also done in-house by U-Haul technicians. The Tech center does research on the best way to fix any issue with the trailers and then issues that information out to the repair shops located all over the country.

Trailers are how U-Haul started its reputation as the go-to expert in DIY moving and by making them by our own hands, in the place we all call home, we are able to keep that legacy going. While the first trailer may have been bought used, the ones you see today are a sign of U-Haul’s commitment to the industry and to helping people make those DIY moves as smooth as possible!

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