U-Haul Company of Boston Celebrates Patriots’ Win with Wing Lunch

BOSTON – From the moment New England Patriots rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler speared the clinching interception in the closing seconds of the Big Game in Glendale, Ariz., all was right with the world in the eyes of U-Haul Team 837.

Never mind that snow storms blanketing Massachusetts repeatedly delayed the Marketing Company Office’s celebratory lunch. Never mind that treacherous conditions forced a venue change for the company meetings where the lunch was held.

U-Haul Company of Boston, Team 837, celebrated the Patriots' win with a chicken wing lunch at end of the month meetings on Feb. 18.
U-Haul Company of Boston, Team 837, celebrated the Patriots’ win with a chicken wing lunch at end of the month meetings on Feb. 18.

The 120 chicken wings from Eri’s Wings & Seafood in Woburn were worth the wait, and the memories of a fourth world championship were still fresh.

“It is amazing how a championship can brighten the mood of not only diehard fans, but an entire area,” Kevin Comeau, Traffic Control Manager for U-Haul Company of Boston, said.

Matthew Pepin, Marketing Company President for U-Haul Company of Boston, was one of 12 MCPs and Team Members to stump for his area’s pro football team before the playoffs began.

Read that post and what Pepin had to say about Tom Brady and New England’s chances here: http://myuhaulstory.com/2015/01/02/football-playoffs-spark-u-haul-team-spirit/.

U-Haul External Communications offered to buy lunch for the MCO that represented the winning team. MCOs were selected by proximity to the home stadiums.

It looked pretty bleak for Team 837 as the Seattle Seahawks drove down the field in the final minutes, but Butler’s pick balanced out the bad late-game karma Patriots’ fans were dealt in February 2008 and 2012.BostonMCO-Patriots2.jpg

As you can see from the photos, Pepin’s group is quite pleased with the result – and the free food. Congratulations.

“When you look around the city, you will find someone wearing something Patriots-related,” Comeau said. “When you visit a bar or restaurant, you can hear someone talking about how they were at the edge of their seat the entire game. Or you will hear others talk about how it was déjà vu all over again when Seahawks receiver Jermaine Kearse made a ridiculous catch on the 6-yard line to set up what looked like an easy run-it-in touchdown for a Seahawks win.

“Fortunately, this seemingly improbable Patriots win came on a dramatic interception by a mostly unknown, undrafted rookie in Malcolm Butler. This play illustrated the Patriots’ motto throughout the entire season: ‘Do Your Job.’BostonMCO-Patriots4.jpg

“Many New England fans find this win a bit more satisfying because the ‘Spy Gate’ era has finally been put to rest. The Patriots have proven to the rest of the world that they are the best team in the NFL without question for the past 14 seasons, and that Tom Brady is arguably the best quarterback in NFL history.

“As part of Team 837’s end of the month (EOM) meeting, we decided to pass on the run for pizza and intercept the opportunity to grab chicken wings for lunch. Sorry Seattle. Pun intended.”

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