Team U-Haul Helps Nepal Earthquake Victims

Nepal Earthquake donation benefitOn April 25, an incredibly destructive and powerful earthquake hit Nepal. The 7.8 magnitude Gorkha Earthquake was the largest disaster in Nepal since 1934. More than 7,000 people are reported dead, more than 15,000 people were injured and countless more lost their homes and all of their belongings. An international rescue effort began immediately after the quake hit, and Team U-Haul is doing its part to help.

U-Haul of Campbell Assistant General Manager Balaj Bukhari and his two brothers, Ray and Agha, knew they had to do something.

We have some friends and family members who know people over there, and we felt for the people we saw on the news,” Balaj Bukhari related. “We saw that the community in Nepal had suffered tremendously and we just wanted to help.”IMG_7106

The Bukhari brothers started working with a local charity that was collecting clothing and other items, and word of their efforts spread quickly throughout their community. U-Haul donated a self-storage room to hold the donated items, which also included aspirin, bandages and other first-aid items. Balaj called Marketing Company President, Kam Barn, who arranged to have U-Haul Moving and Storage of Thornton serve as a drop-off point for donations. The local U-Haul company also donated U-Box containers, a U-Haul truck and moving supplies, and team members helped out, as well.

IMG_7134On May 3, a large donation drive was held at U-Haul Moving & Storage of Thornton. More than 1,000 people stopped by throughout the day to drop off clothing, first-aid and other needed supplies. Many volunteers also were on hand to help pack and organize the donations.

One of the most touching things that I saw was a homeless man who walked into the event and donated his shoes,” Barn recalled. “I was truly touched by his actions. It was incredible for him to give when he has practically nothing to begin with.”

Local news media showed up to cover the event, which helped to collect more than 16,000 pounds of clothes and 800 pounds of medicine.

Without the support of Kam and the entire U-Haul family, this event wouldn’t have been possible,” Bukhari praised.

I believe that at times we begin to take things for granted when there are thousands upon thousands of people in Nepal that still need our help,” Barn stated. “They have no food, no medical support, no homes and no clothes. It was truly an honor on behalf of U-Haul and my team to be able to provide some help and relief.”

For anyone interested in donating funds or first aid supplies to Nepal earthquake victims. Click here

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