#UhaulFamous Photos from San Antonio

This year’s Migration Trends Report is out and at No. 4, we have San Antonio. If you’re moving to San Antonio, you are likely moving there for one of these three reasons: the job market with diverse jobs and a low employment rate, the military with its high concentration of bases, or for the overall low cost of living. We asked our movers to share with us their moving experiences — Check out their moving story along with their #UhaulFamous photos below:

13504 san antonio

“My son Sonny was so excited moving to our new house he wanted to support the college he plans to attend and take a picture of our moving day! He also thought it would be “Cool” to have his picture on the U-Haul Truck supporting his future college.”

This kid is sure to go far in life with such collegiate aspirations — good luck to you Sonny!

14147 san antonio

“On the day I was moving, it was raining, and since my apartments are under constructions it was muddy. It was hot and humid, so not the best conditions to move. But…in the middle of the chaos, I looked down at the Uhaul truck and took a deep breath…in that moment, that view represented a new beginning and new adventures. I was moving into a beautiful new place and I had everything to be grateful about. Uhaul was a part of that new start.”

Easy, breezy, painless. Rainy, muddy, adventurous.

7964 san antonio

“We relocated to Canyon Lake / San Antonio to expand my business (Sunset Management) further South.  My wife also took a new job as a teacher here.  We relocated from Pflugerville, TX  My family just relocated to Canyon Lake, TX and I just took this picture of my girlfriend and her kids on moving day at the new home. We had no trouble with the U-Haul equipment and the built in ramp made the job much easier.”

Sometimes re-locating for a job can be the most exciting moving adventure yet.

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Watch out for more of these stories behind our #UHaulFamous photos when we feature City #3 here in My U-Haul Story!

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