#UhaulFamous Photos From Hamilton

This year’s Migration Trends Report is out and at No.8 we have Hamilton, Ontario. As one of the Canada’s fastest growing cities, Hamilton provides it residents with a quality schools and a scene riddled with arts and culture which is why it is nicknamed the “Creative City”. We asked our movers to share with us their moving experience. Check out their moving stories through #UhaulFamous photos below:


“#myuhaul#brothers#helpinghands#moving” – David Sandhu

What else are brothers good for if not helping with a move? Bonus, David and his brother will now have a #uhaulfamous photo of themselves ready on a moving truck for their next moving adventure together.



“These photos are from 839’s Christmas Party” – Lucy Scott

Lucy sent us a bunch of awesome photos from their holiday party. These two kids just stuck out though. Sooner than anyone expects, that big sister there is going to be packing up a cargo van to make a move of her own.


Thanks Brenda for sharing your Boo-Haul experience with us! It sure looks like the U-Haul centers in Hamilton know how to celebrate the holidays with proper decorations. If only I were that creative when making my box-men!


“My daughter walking though the storage facility and U-Haul Moving and Storage” – Stacy

Most likely the two cutest things a storage unit has ever witnessed. Thanks for sharing this adorable memory of your daughter with us. Once the puppy grows up a little more, we hope to see another storage unit update.


“Nice form. Gotta stay nimble on the road! #uhaul #yoga #downwarddog #sirjam #uhaulfamous” – Salon Theatre

Exercise is keep in moving — You have to be fit to carry all those heavy boxes! Keep up the yoga… just maybe next to the trailer would be slightly safer.

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