#UhaulFamous Photos from Toronto

Out of anywhere in Canada, last year U-Haul labeled Toronto as the Number One Destination! With its thriving city life, we are not surprised that everyone wants to make their way there We asked our movers to share with us their moving experience. Check out their moving stories through #UhaulFamous photos below:


“…aaaand then we went outside to sing on a uhaul… @weareaugustines” – Jane

I mean, how else are you supposed to properly celebrate a successful move outside of starting a jam session?


“#myuhaul #tryingtogetmypiconauhaul”       -Alejandro

Well congratulations Alejandro, you made it! Not only did you get on a truck somewhere out there, you made it here, which is arguably even better.


“This lil baddy driving my 26 foot moving truck @mspizzardi” – @girliegunshow

Driving a 26-footer is no easy feat! Props to you girl. Driving a truck never looked so good. Welcome to Toronto guys!


“We just bought our first house together and are getting married this year!” – Zofia

Zofia, we couldn’t be more happy for you both! I know you guys are going to have an amazing future together in Toronto.


“Although moving can be a real pain in the ass — I got to spend a lot of time with my dad over the years because of it. I would’t be able to put an Ikea bed together today if it were’t for the help of U-Haul moving the bed and my dad and I taking it out and putting it together.” – Anne Booth

 Watch out for more of these stories behind our #UHaulFamous photos when we feature City #1 here in My U-Haul Story!

For more info on #Uhaulfamous and to get your moving day photo on the side of a truck visit uhaulfamous.com.


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