#UhaulFamous Photos for Calgary

In close proximity to everything from a thriving nightlife to the incredible Rocky Mountains, Calgary has everything a resident could ask for. We asked our movers to share with us their moving experience. Check out their moving stories through #UhaulFamous photos below:


“I rented a 26″ Uhaul Truck on May 16th, 2015 , packed up a two bedroom townhouse in 4 hours, and moved everything into a Uhaul storage locker. Ivey, the Uhaul Mascot, came along for the ride and kept my spirits up. Keep in mind, it was raining cats and dogs….not thee perfect day to move! I moved everything myself and Ivey waited in the Avalanche.The Uhaul staff in Calgary was extremely helpful and always looked for ways to make moving easier. Ivey, Uhaul Mascot, was just excited and happy to be sitting in the front seat with me. Her feelings were contagious and I never once felt nervous or scared.” – Emily


Hey girl hey! I see that real estate sign in the background Mel — hope your move was amazing!


“We got the biggest truck as a joke… Turned out we needed the extra room! #uhaul4life” – Daniel O’Shea

Sometimes those happy accidents are just the best. We’re glad the larger size worked well for you guys. Moreover we’re glad you guys had so much fun!


“Our #roadtrip across the #country ! #canada #calgary #toronto #uhaul #movingday #bigcity Thanks! @gouhaul #uhaulfamous”                   – Chantal Cara

In my experience, those road trips are the most fun moving adventures you will ever have. There is just nothing that compares to that experience. Of course nothing compares to that feeling of being behind a wheel of such a large vehicle either.


“Movin’ with Moosey” – Mac Gillespie

Moving in with roommates isn’t always easy… but something here tells me that Moosey is probably pretty easy going. I bet he let you pick all your moving day music too. That there is true friendship.

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