U-Haul Customer Bikes With Boxes

College students have a reputation for getting creative and making the most of what they have when they’re in a pinch. If anyone can attest to that, it’s this recent U-Haul at University of Florida customer.

“It started out like any other customer experience,” explained Customer Service Representative (CSR) Terri Bolesta. “The gentleman came into the store looking to buy some boxes and after we let him know that boxes are cheaper if you buy them by the bundle, he purchased a bundle of small boxes.”

It seemed like a perfectly ordinary experience… until he got out the door.

AM15-28_BOX-BUNDLE-BICYCLE-600x450“We got the bundle for him and out the door he went,” Bolesta recalled. “I just happened to look out our front door and I saw him getting yellow straps out of his backpack. He tied them around the boxes and right before our eyes he turned the boxes into a backpack. We just could not believe it.”

Bolesta went outside to catch him before he pedaled away. When she asked how far he had to travel, he responded, “Only a mile or two; not far.”

This young customer wasn’t going to let difficulty or distance stop him from getting what he needed, even if the extra weight of the boxes likely did slow him down a bit. He also proved just how easy it is to get the U-Haul products you need, regardless of your mode of transportation.

By coming to the store on his bike, instead of in a car, this customer exemplifies U-Haul Company’s commitment to Corporate Sustainability. In fact, one of the many reasons we are constantly adding more U-Haul locations is to make it possible for U-Haul customers to take advantage of alternative transportation methods such as public transit, walking, cycling and carpooling, instead of driving themselves.

What is your preferred method of sustainable transportation?

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