The History of Vintage U-Haul Toys

Having been around since 1945, U-Haul has a great deal of history behind it. One small piece of this vintage u-haul toy truckhistory involves some of the little trinkets that have been produced by the company over the years. The company has produced, what we now consider, vintage U-Haul toys off and on since the 60’s.

In 1975, U-Haul debuted a new collection of vintage U-Haul Toys. This particular collection has been described as, “bright, of rugged metal construction and loaded with fun”, and was thought to be a good source of moral within the company as well as increase traffic to dealers. This set consisted of 5 vintage U-Haul toys including a  a classic box truck and a “Movin’ Mover” wagon towing a cargo trailer. Many of these classic U-Haul Vintage Toys are proudly presented in Executive Vice President Stuart Shoen‘s office.

Patti DeShong has a particularly extra special collection ofvintage U-Haul toys displayed in her office. In 1988 U-vintage u-haul toys supergraphic trucksHaul start its Supergraphics Program. Before the graphics were placed on our trucks, the original set of Supergraphics were designed with Patti’s wall of tiny U-Haul trucks. This collection was previously displayed at the tech center and accounts for each original graphic in the District of Columbia. Dee Freeman also has a few of these Supergraphic trucks produced for U-Haul’s 50th Anniversary. According to Patti, these vintage U-Haul toys were made,” when Mark and Joe took over the company.”

Every vintage U-haul toy is pretty rare at this point, but Rick Ruiz has one unlike any other… quite literally. Rick purchased a 1956 Tonka pickup truck produced in 1997 and modified it to be a one-of-a-kind U-Haul pickup truck.

Throughout the U-Haul headquarters you are bound to spot a vintage U-Haul toy of some sort. Be it on the 8 South where a trailer has been converted into a potted plant holder or Stuart’s more intricate collection consisting of trucks and trailers of various sizes, no piece is any more or less special than the next.

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