UHaulCarShare Comes to Colleges in Indiana and Maine

UhaulCarShare has collaborated with Hanover College (Ind.) and Southern Maine Community College to bring North America’s most advanced car-sharing service to their campuses.

Hanover College added its first UhaulCarShare vehicle, a 2015 Toyota Scion, on Sept. 23.

Southern Maine Community College added its first UhaulCarShare vehicle, a 2015 Ford C-MAX Energi, on Sept. 3. It is the first hybrid plug-in vehicle in the national UhaulCarShare fleet.

These partnerships provide the student bodies, faculties and staffs at both schools, as well as residents near the colleges, with a sustainable transportation option to travel around their communities. In one cost-effective package, UhaulCarShare gives members the freedom a car provides without the financial burden.


The Scion and the C-MAX Energi help the colleges reduce their carbon footprint. The vehicles are available every hour of every day. An eco-friendly form of transportation, each UhaulCarShare vehicle takes up to 20 personally-owned vehicles off the road, reduces parking congestion and improves air quality.

“This car offers an affordable transportation option that reduces our carbon footprint and is particularly beneficial to students who don’t have a vehicle on campus,” said SMCC President Ron Cantor. “It provides students, employees and members of the community the convenience of using a car without the hassles of owning one.”

“The UhaulCarShare program is a good fit for Hanover College because it gives people easy access to transportation,” added Rhonda Burch, Senior Director of Communications and Marketing at Hanover College. “With the college’s location between three major cities (Louisville, Cincinnati and Indianapolis), it will allow students, faculty and staff to take advantage of all those areas have to offer, as well as take care of any needs in the local community, all at an affordable price.”

UhaulCarShare has a unique yet flexible rate system that allows individuals 18 and older to enjoy all the benefits of driving without having to worry about overpaying for mileage. With no start-up application fee or annual-membership dues, drivers pay only for what they use. Vehicles can be reserved on the spot for as little as an hour or for up to three days. With guaranteed lowest pricing, the vehicles can be reserved at $4.95 per hour plus mileage or $62 per day. For those who drive longer distances, UhaulCarShare offers a capped rate which includes 180 free miles.

“UhaulCarShare is a valuable and practical way to make transportation available to those in need in one convenient package,” said Mariah Reid, UhaulCarShare program director. “In addition, the service provides peace of mind of knowing that insurance, maintenance, reserved parking spots and 24/7 roadside assistance are included in the rates.”

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