U-Haul SuperGraphic Travel Game

U-Haul SuperGraphic Travel GameU-Haul SuperGraphic Travel GameYour old home has been packed up in the moving truck and the journey to your new home begins. Many miles, anxiousness, and uninteresting views combine to make a long road trip. Your voyage does not have to be filled with “are we there yet”. U-haul has another way to assist DIY movers nationwide by helping time fly with the SuperGraphic Travel Game. You can explore North America with your iPhone app and learn more about SuperGraphic fun facts that you see on the side of U-Haul moving trucks. This is a road trip must have– How many SuperGraphics can you point out?!

How To Play
The U-Haul SuperGraphics Travel Game will transform any stretch of road into a game zone. During your road trip be on the lookout for a U-Haul moving truck, and spot the image on the side. Open your free app and find the graphic you just saw. Hit “Spot!” and you are on your way to collecting them all. Win achievements and share discoveries with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. While you’re not spotting U-Haul trucks you can challenge yourself to a Tile Puzzle mini game. Work your way through all 60 tile puzzles to make your way to the leader board.

Adventure Awaits
Starting in 1988, the SuperGraphics program began as a way for U-Haul to pay homage to the Unites States and Canada. Each state and province has at least one SuperGraphic that shows something historic or special about the place. Did you know that each marker on the map is a real place that you can visit to learn more about the SuperGraphic? Check out museums or educational centers where the subject of the graphics come to life! Use the Explore SuperGraphic function to look at all the graphics on the truck, and start your road trip adventure!

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