U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer and Pet Store

U-Haul Neighborhood DealerRoyal Oak Feeds
 is more than meets the eye– in fact, it is a one stop shop. The combination of bird seeds, pet food and a U-Haul neighborhood dealer may seem strange, but owner Mark Sommerville and customers agree, it works.

It is both efficient and effective. Business has been bustling with a variety of customers with different moving needs ranging from back to school kids to snowbirds. Somerville says that people rent U-Haul trailers to assist with moving needs, and when they return customers buy bird seeds or pet food for their animals at home. You can even rent a trailer to take home lots of bird seeds for your bird feeder!

Mixing his custom-made bird seeds and U-Haul trailers was not his idea. South of Simcoe on Highway 24, the large parking lot on his property caught the eye of U-Haul. Four months after becoming a U-Haul neighborhood dealer, Somerville said, “I think it’s perfect for a small business.”

Over the past 70 years, U-Haul has joined forces with many independent business owners that provide service to their community. We have collaborated with just about every type of business there is, including bird seeds and pet food. Partnering with high quality businesses allows U-haul to provide more services to more customers while benefiting the community as well.

To become a U-Haul neighborhood dealer there are three requirements– Own or operate an existing business, have 2 to 3 extra parking spaces, and have weekend business hours. Somerville’s parking lot at Royal Oak Feeds was perfect for storing trailers and trucks and enough room to access. You too can earn extra money by converting unused land into use as a dealership, and you do not have to pay a thing!


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