UhaulCarShare Offers an Easy, Smart Driving Solution

UhaulCarShare, which launched in 2007, continues to take the convenience and practicality of car sharing to a new level through rentals by the hour or by the day.

The program is unique because vehicles can be rented based on the trip you need to take and the time it will take you to do so. Cars are often located near your home or place of work. Rates already include gas and insurance for the vehicle, making the entire process quick and extremely easy.

“A car is generally a large expense in any household,” UhaulCarShare program manager Leo Sterger said. “Many people, especially college students, are finding that they don’t need a car all the time and can instead share a vehicle and split the costs of ownership. UhaulCarShare was created to facilitate that sharing.”

The vehicles have a reserved parking spot that is central to living, work and school spaces. Any valid driver wanting to use a car can go online, make an account and reserve a car for as little as one hour and as long as 72 hours.

Once a reservation is confirmed, access codes are issued to get into the vehicle and drive away. Upon return, drivers must park the car where they picked it up and then initiate the return process from their cell phone.

It’s simple: all you need is a valid driver’s license. Go to UhaulCarShare.com on your home computer or mobile device; choose the vehicle you want and the time you need; and fill out your information.

Rates start as low as $4.95 per hour plus mileage and daily rates start at $62 per day, which includes 180 miles. UhaulCarShare does the calculation at the end of your reservation and will charge you the lowest rate: either hourly or daily, based on your reservation. You can manage your account, make a new reservation or extend a current reservation. Sign in and reserve any car at any time – you only pay for what you use!

“UhaulCarShare is a truly sustainable form of transportation that allows people to have a car only when they need it and not have to pay for insurance, maintenance and other costs of ownership for the vehicle when they are not using it,” Sterger continued.

Who is UhaulCarShare for?U-HaulCarShare

The Independent and Flexible — Unlike rental car companies, UhaulCarShare provides convenient access to cars on an hourly or daily basis and only charges you for what you use.

Business Owners — Supplement your fleet with UhaulCarShare. Invite employees to join. You set the usage, monetary limits and track employee activity.

Penny Pinchers — You like saving money, Give up your car and save thousands of dollars over the long haul with UhaulCarShare. We pay for gas, insurance, parking and maintenance costs.

College Students — Keep track of your college students with UhaulCarShare. You can set the permissible usage times, monetary limits and track activity.

The Environmentally Conscious — You are a friend of the environment. Car sharing creates a serious reduction in CO2 emissions. Learn how much UhaulCarShare can reduce your carbon footprint by visiting UhaulCarShare.com.

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