Birdhouse Becomes Lasting Tribute

PRINCE GEORGE, British Columbia—When you’re constantly shivering and shoveling snow, it’s easy to pine for the warmer days of spring. At times, it seems the warmer weather will never arrive, and all you can do is dream about spring. This year, Simon Zandbergen had an added incentive to see winter end. That’s because the area field manager for U-Haul Company of Northern British Columbia was eager to hang his new birdhouse. As someone who bleeds U-Haul orange, it’s perfect for him because it’s modeled after a 26-foot U-Haul moving van!

JH Birdhouse Front View
AFM Simon Zandbergen couldn’t wait until spring so he could mount this birdhouse outside.

“My wife contacted one of our transfer drivers, Roy Groeneveld, who had a great reputation for his skill at making all kinds of miniatures,” Zandbergen explained. “Trains, cranes, bridges and buildings … he built them all.”

“I was completely shocked and surprised at the birdhouse when I unwrapped it!” Zandbergen exclaimed. “Roy did an amazing job constructing it. He even enclosed it in Plexiglas to protect the truck from the elements. I couldn’t wait for springtime to come so I could mount it outside.”


Bittersweet feeling

Despite the excitement, hanging the birdhouse also was a bittersweet moment for the Zandbergens. To them, the birdhouse also is a tribute to Groeneveld, who passed away in early February.

JH Birdhouse Rear View
Much like a real U-Haul moving van, birds will find that the ramp makes it easy to get into and out of the birdhouse.

“He will be missed greatly by everyone who knew him,” Zandbergen proclaimed. “He was a treasured member of Team U-Haul, and a great guy.”

Even though Groeneveld is gone, his legacy will remain strong throughout Team U-Haul. And every time the Zandbergens look outside at the birdhouse, they’ll see a tribute to a man who dedicated an important part of his life to U-Haul.

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