Going Green & Saving Green: 5 Ways U-Haul Helps with Back to School

The first day of the fall semester is just around the corner. With millions of students flocking back to school soon, U-Haul is going green and saving green for them with affordable and sustainable moving options.

5 ways U-Haul can help the planet and your wallet: 

  1. Having plenty of boxes is essential when going back to school.  With the help of U-Haul, you won’t have to throw all your empty boxes in the dumpster. Check out U-Haul’s sustainable box sharing programs to reduce waste and save you – as well as the next student – some money.back2schooloregon
  2. Utilizing U-Haul’s truck and trailer sharing program saves time, money and fuel. Find the closest neighborhood dealer to you to ensure less customer travel, less CO2 emissions and less traffic congestion. There are more than 15,000 U-Haul locations across the U.S. and Canada so customers can pick up and drop off equipment conveniently.
  3. U-Haul rental trucks are equipped with a fuel-economy gauge to save money on fuel and reduce air pollution. Plus, all trucks use cheaper, cleaner, more convenient unleaded fuel, saving students money at the pump.
  4. Avoid extra costs on moving day by renting a U-Haul trailer. They are perfect for securing bikes, mini fridges and boxes. Using a trailer will cut down on fuel by eliminating the need for a truck rental. If you don’t have a hitch yet, don’t worry: U-Haul is the largest installer of permanent trailer hitches.
  5. Don’t forget to protect your furniture. You don’t want to ruin your new futon on the way back to campus. Using U-Haul furniture pads, made from recycled textiles, ensures your furniture and the environment are protected. By using recycled materials, U-Haul is able to keep the cost low for customers while preventing an annual 2.4 million pounds of materials from entering landfills.

Being environmentally conscious during your move back to school doesn’t have to be hard work. U-Haul Company’s commitment to going green makes it easy to do your part.

Do you have a fun U-Haul back-to-school story or a sweet selfie from a college move you’d be willing to share? Let us know in the comment box below or go to uhaulfamous.com to upload photos.

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