U-Haul Active Day, A First for U-Haul

On the heels of a company-wide health and wellness initiative, an event unlike any other at U-Haul is underway. U-Haul Active Day is the first of it’s kind.

U-Haul Team Members, system-wide, have been looking for ways to become healthier since the new workplace wellness initiatives took effect earlier this year. At U-Haul headquarters in Phoenix, healthy food options have replaced fatty and sugary foods and drinks in the company cafe and vending machines.

The tobacco policy has changed to having only one designated smoking area. Positive messaging has also been placed throughout U-Haul headquarters encouraging Team Members to take the stairs and to go on walks on their breaks.  All steps in the right direction earning U-Haul International the HAWP Award as an Arizona Top Healthy Employer.

But the idea of U-Haul Active originally came from a U-Haul Team Member. The idea was simple. Let’s plan a day where U-Haul Team Members, their families and friends come together to do something active. With that idea, U-Haul Active was born.

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U-Haul Active

U-Haul Active Day is a company-wide health and wellness initiative. The purpose is for Team Members and their families to come together on a fun journey to become a Healthier U.

Team Members and their families are encouraged to meet at a park or a local favorite place on Saturday, October 15, 2016 to be active and run/walk/bike/hike a 5K.

The end goal is to create a movement across U-Haul and encourage Team Members across the United States and Canada to have fun while being healthy.

Additionally, a portion of the proceeds raised for U-Haul Active Day will go towards a charity close to the company’s heart – the Pat Tillman Foundation. To learn more about the Pat Tillman Foundation, please visit pattillmanfoundation.org.

“Employee wellness is of high importance at U-Haul International,” said Jessica Lopez, U-Haul Chief of Staff. “A healthy team is a happy and productive team. These wellness changes benefit our employees’ health and produce even more positive results for our business.”

U-Haul Active Day participants will be encouraged to share photos and videos from the day using #uhaulactive.


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