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As a business grows, it often has to move to a larger space that can better fit its needs. This is what has recently happened with sock monkey company, Monkeys and More started about 3 years ago in the small town of Digby, Nova Scotia. According to co-founder, Dale Kearney, the business “started out kind of as a joke”. Since then, they have needed to rent a U-Haul truck from their local U-Haul store and relocate the business to Cape Breton.

About Monkeys and More

Although Monkeys and More is out of Nova Scotia, they ship worldwide. “We have created them for clubs, organizations, celebs, schools, universities and kids!” says Dale. The business started when owner, Sherrie Kearney, was recovering from a series of 2 heart attacks and a stroke. Being unable to return back to her everyday work, Sherri decided to do some local craft shows. Dale says, “Her dad suggested that she make some sock monkeys. She was hesitant at first, but came up with a plain money and make 12 of them.” Unfortunately, at this time they did not do so well at the local show. Rather than giving up home, Sherri returned home where Dale suggested starting an online business. “She opened up a website and within 20 minutes she had sold 2.” This was the official start of Monkeys and More.

Relocating The Monkeys and More BusinessMonkeys and More

As the online business continued to gain traffic, Sherri and Dale decided that Digby was not quite a large enough area for them to work out of. Dale, having been local to Cape Breton knew that there was a bigger tourist base there, so they decided that is where they would head to. In order to further expand their business, they needed a larger area and more people. “We decided to use U-Haul to do our move. After looking at local moving companies and the prices they charged it was a smart choice and easy to do”, said Dale. “It was the most comfortable 674 KM drive I have had! The truck was clean and very room!” Sherri and Dale managed to fit their entire 4 bedroom house and their business in a 26 ft truck make the move “very easy and fast!” The 26 ft moving truck in generally the truck of choice for a family moving as it is designed to fit 4+ bedrooms, which is exactly what it did for the Kearneys. 4 bedrooms + their business.

The Kearneys have no future plans of moving at this time, but if they do, they say they “would use U-Haul for any other moves or moving that we do”. We are thrilled that relocating their entire business and home was so easy!

Have you used U-Haul to relocate your business or relocate for a job? Share in the comments!

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