Texas Man Turns to U-Haul to Tow His Rare Corvette

SAN ANTONIO, Texas–It’s one thing to say that you treat every job as if you’re handling priceless equipment. Testing the expression is another thing. Imagine the reaction of General Manager Michael Boeckmann of U-Haul of Northside. A customer, Noel Osborn, came in to rent an auto transport (AT) for his special edition 1995 Chevrolet Corvette Indianapolis 500 Pace Car replica. Boeckmann, a Corvette aficionado himself, knew that only a few hundred of these cars exist in the world and that this particular vehicle sells for upwards of $45,000.

“I’m into Corvettes. I own two myself,” Boeckmann explained. “I set up a U-Haul display in 1995, and a U-Haul truck pulled my Corvette with an AT.”

Precious Cargo

How convenient it was that Osborn needed to rent an AT to haul his ’95 Corvette from San Antonio to Galveston for the Corvette/Chevy Expo.

“Since it’s a valuable car, we were concerned with it being loaded and unloaded correctly,” Boeckmann recalled. Clearly, so was Osborn.

“After renting the AT, he was gone an hour before calling to say he was too nervous to load it himself,” Boeckmann explained. “I was happy to do it; it’s all about the customer service.”

Osborn with his award-winning Corvette.

The trip went smoothly and the pace car remained in perfect condition. When Osborn won the top honor of the show, the Tri-Power Award, he made sure to call Boeckmann and let him know how the team effort led to the accomplishment.

“They were most helpful in getting the AT hooked up, and even more so in assisting me with getting the pace car on and off the AT efficiently,” Osborn praised. “Very impressive service!”

Boecmlann saw the lesson on on that extraordinary day. Team effort goes into making sure customers get a better and better product and service at a lower and lower cost.

“For every satisfied customer, we credit the workmanship of the equipment and what goes into making it,” Boeckmann notes. “We credit the teams that take care of the customer. Our teams are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers.”

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