Dealer Spotlight: The Hang Up Blends Art with U-Haul

Wisconsin Gallery Finds Truck Rentals the Right Complement to Artwork

The artistic landscape of the American roadways has included those iconic orange-clad U-Haul trucks and trailers since the mid-1900s. So it seems fitting that a fine art gallery, The Hang Up, would make U-Haul part of its business plan in the Wisconsin lakefront town of Neenah.

The Hang Up restores, sells and showcases a variety of artwork. One of the newest additions to the U-Haul neighborhood dealer network, The Hang Up features a three-story gallery and is a popular choice for community events.

“Customers with expensive furnishings come to us for restoration and then want advice on how to move the pieces,” gallery owner Bill Casper explained. “We can go one step further and offer them U-Haul equipment.”

Art is often purchased and then safely transported in U-Haul trucks and trailers. Although The Hang Up has only been a U-Haul dealer for the better part of 2016, its owner has been building his art collection since 1970.
“We have rented U-Haul equipment ourselves to transport art across the U.S.,” Casper said. “We accept art from the community, as well as from other countries. If someone leaves us a piece on consignment and it is original and of high quality, we will put it out for sale.

“The U-Haul name brings in people. It’s very recognizable and dependable. People who are moving will come to us so we can securely pack their artwork.”

U-Haul neighborhood dealer The Hang Up art galleryVariety, Public Shows, Private Events and Moving Equipment Provide Appeal

Art left for consignment and featured in The Hang Up varies from oil paintings and metal pieces to granite and wood carvings. The gallery has monthly events to present its new pieces; public openings for artists and themes; and daily exhibits on all three floors. For art enthusiasts, there is even the option to hold events in the gallery.

“Last summer we hosted a 50-year wedding anniversary,” Casper said. “The wife was a painter and they wanted a surprise party in our gallery. We do things other businesses can’t do, and we offer items that you can’t just buy (elsewhere).”

Art conservation is also a huge focus for The Hang Up. Some of its most experienced employees have 45 years of expertise in the industry. The staff creates frames from scratch in all kinds of special shapes. The Hang Up is the only local retail location for Sunset Hill Stoneware™.

The Hang Up art gallery at 204 Wisconsin Ave. opens at 9:30 a.m. Monday-Saturday. Its U-Haul rentals business at 411 Wisconsin Ave. has hours of 6 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday; 6 a.m.-11 a.m. Saturday; and 7 a.m.-10 a.m. Sunday. Call (920) 486-4306 or visit for reservations.

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