U-Haul Team Members Show Their Holiday Spirit

Christmas Cheer

The holiday spirit is starting to come alive at U-Haul centers all across the United States and Canada. Each year Christmas trees, Santa hats and an array of winter scenes appear in showrooms and offices. Boxman even makes a cameo or two.

U-Haul team members find just enough time to decorate for the holidays. They do this between helping customers choose the right truck and moving supplies.

“We had some time on our hands the day after Thanksgiving and decided to create a really cute holiday scene,” U-Haul Company of Oceanside executive assistant Stacey Bailey said. “The Boxman turned out really great, but my favorite is the detail in the fireplace.”


As the leader in do-it-yourself moving and self-storage, it’s no surprise that U-Haul employs creative and crafty team members. Some U-Haul holiday displays incorporate packing supplies. Others use traditional decorations. Either way, do-it-yourselfers shine.

“Each year for the holidays, my wife Margi makes Christmas ornaments for our Team Members,” U-Haul Company of Gulf Coast Texas president Jerry Lunn said. “I love playing elf and passing them out.”

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Other U-Haul teams keep U-Haul sustainability initiatives in mind when turning their showrooms into winter wonderlands.

“My team had been complaining that we let our extra pallets go to waste and being from Oregon you always think ‘reduce, reuse and recycle,’” said U-Haul Company of Portland president David Scheafer. “One day I came to the office to see my team cutting the pallets into Christmas trees. We delivered them to our U-Haul centers while we dropped off the Thanksgiving turkeys.”

No matter how you cut it, U-Haul team members are among the first to make sure they are ready for the holidays.

Here are some of our favorite team member holiday decorations from this year:

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