Healthy Initiatives: UHC of Southern Colorado Takes on Spartan Race

U-Haul Team Members across the U.S. and Canada took steps to get physically fit in 2016. As a result, that push continues as the Company’s “Healthier U” platform expands in 2017. The system-wide U-Haul Active Day on Oct. 15 was just the beginning. Team Members are adjusting their eating habits, quitting smoking and attending workout classes. The past year was a picture of great progress.

A bolstered health initiative also offers opportunities for bonding, team building and challenging one another outside the office.

So, U-Haul Company of Southern Colorado gathered its crew and went to Fort Carson Army Base for the 2016 Spartan Race. Ten motivated souls entered the Spartan Sprint challenge, which covered five miles of trails and 23 obstacles.

Spartan Challenge

With the temperatures hovering around 50 degrees, marketing company 866 swam through pools of muddy ice water. Next they climbed hills and finally stooped under barbed wire.

“I thought I was silly for agreeing to do this challenge since I don’t like to get dirty,” traffic control manager Nichole Chavez said. “As I stood in the freezing mud, I had to mentally challenge myself to continue.”

Grimy conditions were just the beginning for Team 866. For many, the bucket challenge was the most difficult obstacle.

“We ended up calling it the ‘bucket of suck’ since it was so hard,” marketing company president Dave Hellmers said. “We had to fill these five-gallon buckets with rocks and carry it up and down hills.”

Teamwork Matters

The grueling course tested each Team Member, but Hellmers made sure everyone finished.

“The biggest challenge for me was being the leader,” Hellmers explained. “There were points when I wanted to quit myself but I needed to stick with it. We kept each other motivated and finished as a team.”

Ultimately, the Spartan Race inspired our U-Haul group. With obstacles designed by the 4th Infantry and Special Forces units, Team 866 was tested on the same terrain that helped train America’s finest servicemen and women.

“We are a family and we pride ourselves in that,” Hellmers said. “This challenge proved that we have the ability to lean on each other. In this race, we were pulling people up and motivating each other. It shows that it takes a team.”

Lastly, hats off to Hellmers, Chavez, Kelley Dawdy, Chris Lambert, Alberto Castillo, Jeremy Bonner, Matt Stempson, Jason Anthony, Tina Kelnhofer and Lichelle Hellmers for giving the rest of the Company an example worth following. Congratulations!

Whether you are a U-Haul Team Member or valued customer, tell us what you’re doing to become a Healthier U in 2017? Share your tips and successes in the comments box below.

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