Enough is Enough: Adam Christie Gets Healthy

This is part of a series to share stories about members of Team U-Haul who have committed to make healthy lifestyle choices. Here, Adam Christie, parts foreman in Raleigh, talks about his weight-loss journey.

RALEIGH, N.C.–– I had been trying to lose weight and be healthy for a while, but it didn’t hit me until the Christmas after my daughter was born when I stepped on the scale and it read 300 pounds.

Adam Christie Baby
After he and his wife had a baby, Adam Christie knew he had to make some positive lifestyle changes.

I stepped right off and said, “Enough is enough.”

I first stopped drinking Wild Cherry Pepsi, made some healthy diet changes, and within a month or so, I had dropped 20 pounds. That was all I needed to see to get me motivated even more. I started eating a lot healthier, went to the gym, ran and played hockey. Food and nutrition was key. I was making sure to eat a big breakfast to help keep me full throughout the day.

My wife and fellow U-Haul Team member, Brandy Christie, has done a couple of 5K runs in the past couple of years with me.

Healthy training

Adam Christie Crossfit
Christie now competes in CrossFit competitions.

I got down to 250 pounds, but I wanted to go even lower. My wife bought me a promotional deal to start working out at a CrossFit gym. I had been talking about wanting to try it for years, but was always hesitant. With this, I had no excuse. This past February, I started foundation classes to learn how to get healthy through CrossFit.

Joining CrossFit Bullpen and meeting coach Evan has changed my life. I am having so much fun with all the workouts and have met a lot of great people who are very encouraging.

I am now down to 220 pounds and finished 7th in a CrossFit competition in June. This was my first competition, so I’m proud of where I placed!

I think healthy weight loss is easy once you find something that totally works for you. Everyone is different. U Can Do It if you get out there and try something new!

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