American Heart Association Honors U-Haul for Focus on Team Member Health and Fitness

The American Heart Association has recognized U-Haul International as a Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite, the Company’s most distinguished national honor since redefining its workplace initiatives to promote a culture of health and fitness.

Eligibility for the AHA Gold Fit-Friendly Award requires worksites to offer employees physical activity support; increase healthy eating options at work; promote a wellness culture; adhere to a strict tobacco policy; and to implement at least six physical activities, two nutrition activities and one culture activity that meets AHA standards.

U-Haul, an American Heart Association Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite, held its first annual U-Haul Active Day in 2016.
U-Haul, an American Heart Association Gold Fit-Friendly Worksite, held its first annual U-Haul Active Day in 2016.

U-Haul did all of that and much more in 2016, including the creation of the first annual U-Haul Active Day. Team Members across the U.S. and Canada took part in fitness events outside of work on or about Oct. 15. Some 300 Team Members and their families in the Valley participated in a 5K run/walk at Phoenix’s Papago Park, an activity that raised more than $14,000 for the Pat Tillman Foundation, a U-Haul charity partner.

“Team Members are engaged, which proves they want to be healthy,” says Jessica Lopez, U-Haul Chief of Staff. “This culture of wellness not only increases morale, but encourages our Team Members to be healthier. As a result, it increases productivity and creates positive results for our business. Being a part of this movement is incredibly rewarding. We are committed to this program.”

Redefining Our Health and Fitness Goals

U-Haul initiated major system-wide changes last year. Among those changes were: altering café and vending options to emphasize healthier foods and drinks; limiting designated tobacco areas; enforcing additional coverage fees for nicotine use and extreme BMI, including higher fees on management; offering exercise and weight management classes at its corporate campus and off-site facilities; reimbursing dietician fees and gym memberships for Team Members who work out regularly; and finally initiating “The Healthier U” program to create a dedicated wellness forum, lend support and nutritional advice, and communicate opportunities for healthier living.

“Workplace health continues to be an important way to improve the well-being of the workforce and your organization is a leader in this effort,” Nancy Brown, AHA Chief Executive Officer, writes in her congratulatory letter to U-Haul. “Thank you for your role in building a culture of health and providing employees with healthy choices.”

The AHA Fit-Friendly Worksites program is a catalyst for change in American business, acknowledging employers who champion the health of their employees by creating physical activity programs within the workplace.

U-Haul also boasts the Healthier Arizona Worksites Program’s Gold Standard Award from June 2016. With a stronger commitment to Team Member wellness in 2017, U-Haul seeks to empower its current staff while attracting new motivated and qualified job candidates who place a priority on healthy living.

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