Where to Purchase Truck Parts for Your U-Haul Box Truck

So, you recently purchased a used U-Haul box truck. Now what? The possibilities of what you choose to do next are endless. Some U-Haul truck owners have transformed their Ford or GMC truck into food trucks, motor homes, and even art displays! Throughout your ownership of a U-Haul box truck, you may need to find certain parts for it. Well, you can purchase those parts from the same trusted company you bought your Ford or GMC truck from. Read more on how to purchase U-Haul truck parts below:

What’s Available

U-Haul box truck parts can range from maintenance items to car carrier partsU-Haul Box Truck Parts. Commonly purchased truck parts include:

  • Starters
  • Alternators
  • Brake pads

It’s reassuring to know that during your maintenance phase of ownership, U-Haul offers new and re-manufactured parts for a wide variety of vehicles including GMC, Ford, and other makes. In order to reduce maintenance in the future, U-Haul also offers preventative maintenance kits that include filters, belts, and spark plugs. Whether you are wanting to buy a kit or single part, purchasing them from the same place you got your truck may be the best option.

How It Works

To purchase parts for your used box truck:

  1. Visit the U-Haul truck parts eBay store
  2. Search through the 10,000+ truck parts offered
  3. Then easily check out!

After your order is placed, your parts will then be shipped to you from the U-Haul plant in Kansas City. We also suggest letting your mechanic know U-Haul has the parts to help if an issue arises. If the part you are looking for is out of stock, U-Haul offers the product number to easily relay what you need to the dealer/manufacturer. With over 10,000 listings on the eBay store, odds are you will find the exact part you’re looking for!

Whether you’re wanting to upgrade your Ford or GMC truck or you need to replace a part, there’s no doubt finding it all in one place is the way to go. If you have any questions on U-Haul truck parts inventory, email truckparts@uhaul.com for more information.

Haven’t purchased your used U-Haul Truck yet? Click here to see inventory!

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