Four Added Benefits for Patriot Creative Group Participants

According to B.C. Forbes, “If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business.” All businesses experience competition these days. Small, local businesses can sometimes face even more competition with a much smaller budget for advertising than larger companies. Patriot Creative Group, a sister company to U-Haul, knows this and is dedicated to offering on-site advertising at an affordable price. Using a wrapped U-Haul truck with a branded design created based on the owner’s needs, they are able to get more eyes on their business. An advertising truck can help businesses increase their revenue and brand recognition in their community. In addition to the advertising truck, Patriot Creative Group offers many other added benefits. See four of these benefits below.

Storage Capabilities

Your advertising truck has space in the back to use! With the space, you can do a number of things. Use it to store your excess inventory. This is especially helpful during busy seasons! For businesses with multiple locations, the space in the back makes for an easy way to transfer inventory or supplies to other locations. You may also use the space to store office or business supplies on site to avoid clutter.

Added Benefits to the Patriot Creative Group

Roadside Assistance

You never have to make repairs on the vehicle if it has any issues. Our roadside assistance covers anything that effects the safety or functionality of the truck! If you run into an issue while operating the truck or while it is parked, all you need to do is call the roadside assistance number for help. Some owners choose to lease, or buy, their own truck for these purposes. However, when you do so, you are responsible for the cost of all repairs.

Vehicle Insurance, Registration and Licensing

Patriot Creative Group takes care of everything to make the truck roadworthy. They register the truck, license it and insure the truck! In other words, there is no need to worry!

100 Miles a Month to Use

Want to advertise at multiple locations? Or advertise at local events? With 100 miles available to use each month, you can do all of these things and many more. Many owners even use the truck to run errands. In fact, the possibilities are endless!

A business owner could do these things on their own, but that would mean securing a different advertising option, reserving an off-site storage unit and having a vehicle available to use for errands. The vehicle would also have to be repaired and registered by the owner. Patriot Creative Group make sure to offer you an advertising option curated for your needs and added benefits that a business owner actually needs! In conclusion, if you are looking for a business solution that helps you get more visibility in your community, this is a great option for you!

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