U-Haul Volunteers Help Andre House Clothe the Homeless

U-Haul volunteers offered their time to Andre House on March 18, aiding the nonprofit’s mission to serve the homeless population in Phoenix.

The organization provides food and clothing to homeless, low income and working poor residents. The vast majority of Andre House clientele are single, homeless adults living in the Phoenix Metro area. Many of the guests live right outside of the building.

Headquartered in Phoenix for the last 50 years, U-Haul has a longstanding commitment to serving the community. The Company focuses on organizations that meet the most basic human needs: food, clothing and shelter. In addition to basic human needs, U-Haul also supports charities that provide services to veterans.

“Andre House has had the privilege of partnering with U-Haul for many years,” said Elizabeth Wunsch, Andre House Director of Volunteer Service and Communications. “U-Haul has always understood the importance of promoting community volunteerism. The Company’s Team Members regularly schedule volunteer events at Andre House of Hospitality and we are so thrilled to see them walk through our doors.”

U-Haul Gets to Work

While sporting their new orange volunteer shirts, U-Haul Team Members headed downstairs to the Andre House basement, rotating between stations opposite an Eagle Scout group. Team U-Haul organized clothing while the Eagle Scouts built shelves. U-Haul Team Members Sorting through Andre House Donations

Eva Franco, a U-Haul accounting representative, is a frequent volunteer at the Andre House.

“I know what it is like to go without things,” explained Franco. “Being raised by a single mom, I don’t forget the struggles we went through and how others helping us made a difference. I want to do as much as I can to help those that are less fortunate.”

U-Haul offers volunteer opportunities every month for its Team Members. Options range from building homes for Habitat for Humanity to serving food at St. Vincent de Paul

This volunteer event, however, was the first to feature a Facebook Live video. Team U-Haul took a few seconds to express why volunteering is important. Due to the positive feedback, you can now expect to see Facebook Live videos at each monthly U-Haul volunteer opportunity.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook here.

Making a Difference

“As a result of U-Haul’s partnership, Andre House is able to provide more services to our homeless guests,” Wunsch said. “(U-Haul Team Members) work hard and fast. They accomplish so much toward our mission of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and comforting the afflicted.”

Summer clothing is most needed right now because of warming temperatures. All donations are accepted but some may not go to Andre House guests. Damaged, torn and dated clothing is tossed out. Children’s clothing is donated to other partner organizations. While some guests come in solely for clothing, others use the building’s showers to get clean.

“U-Haul encourages us to help others, and I am proud of that,” Franco continued. “To know that we have changed one person’s life, for even just a moment, makes it all worth it.”

Thanks to volunteers Paige Brown, Paul Cotton, Paige Eagles, Eva Franco, Mike Franco, Kaila Jones, Mikita McWhite, Sarah McWhite and Latasha Ross.  

Did you know Humble Design Fueled by U-Haul, a nonprofit assisting families and veterans transitioning out of homelessness, recently expanded its mission to Chicago? Let us know your thoughts on our community objectives.

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