Meet the Team: Sam Cocchi

U-Haul is a place where you will find hardworking, progressive people. Often, Team Members spend many years helping to improve the organization. Sam Cocchi is no exception.

Meet the Team!

Cocchi began working for U-Haul in 2008 as a customer service representative in Long Beach, Calif. Later, he was appointed general manager at U-Haul Moving & Storage at Leffingwell Road in Whittier.

After leading that store for nearly four years, Cocchi transitioned to area field manager for U-Haul Company of Los Angeles East. His customer service expertise and familiarity with the field subsequently led him to his current position: brand manager for the Boxes and Moving Supplies program.

Leading the Way

Innovation is an important part of any successful company. At U-Haul, our Team Members are always finding ways to improve what we do. Fresh perspective is a priority.

“I want to continue to help our company grow as a whole and bring us into a new era of helping customers,” Cocchi said. “With the ever-changing market transitioning into the mobile age, I plan to effectively meet customer demands on their mobile devices.”  

As a brand manager, Cocchi no longer deals with customers on a daily basis. However, he still sees the impact of his job.

“Spending so many years in the field allows me to know exactly what our people on the front lines go through every day,” Cocchi said. “I’ve experienced the same struggles they may run into and I know what works and what doesn’t. My experience at U-Haul stores and working with our neighborhood dealers will help me in my new role because our Retail Sales team is here to support the field.”

Looking to the Future

One of the many great things about U-Haul is the room for growth and expansion. Cocchi has seen those results firsthand.

“I’ve had many influences at U-Haul,” Cocchi said. “My first mentor, Robert Kuiper, really sparked my interest in U-Haul and my desire to grow here. He instilled the strong fundamental value of ‘show not tell’ by working with me as a customer service representative. I took this willpower with me to each position and continue to be successful because of it.”

Cocchi was born and raised in Long Beach. He went to Long Beach Polytechnic High School and then on to California State University, Long Beach. In his spare time, Cocchi likes to work on his truck and go off-roading.

Cocchi looks forward to helping the Boxes and Moving Supplies program reach its full potential.

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