Salvation Army is a Calling for U-Haul’s Kenneth Parker

Kenneth Parker was taught as a young boy the value of volunteering and putting others before himself. As a result, the 20-year U-Haul Team Member still incorporates the principle of giving back many decades later.

“In 1959, at the age of 11, my mother started taking me to church,” explained Parker, a U-Haul retail sales analyst. “The church (for me) is The Salvation Army. And from that point on, I learned that worshiping God and helping people go hand and hand. By age 14, I became a full member of The Salvation Army. In 1991, I was appointed Corps Sergeant-Major. Finally, in 1997, I began my career with U-Haul.”

U-Haul Team Member Kenneth Parker volunteering for The Salvation Army
U-Haul Team Member Kenneth Parker volunteers for The Salvation Army

At U-Haul, the ability for people to move toward a better life is a basic human need. The Company was built on a model of serving others and the shared use of trucks and trailers within a community. That commitment still motivates Team Members in their work ethic and, consequently, in their community involvement.

Since 1945, the industry leader in DIY moving and self-storage has sought to make the basic need of mobility accessible to all people. Through its philanthropic partnerships and volunteer work, U-Haul also strives to help people meet their most basic of human needs: food, clothing and shelter.

U-Haul offers volunteer opportunities to its Team Members so they may give back to their communities. Many Team Members also opt to do additional volunteer work on their own.

The Right Fit

The commitment to serve that both U-Haul and The Salvation Army honor made Parker’s choice to join Team U-Haul a simple one. Early in his U-Haul career, Parker recognized that helping the less fortunate was a strong community objective for his new employer.

“I saw the impactful contributions U-Haul provided as a sponsor to different charities,” Parker stated. “And most of all, I saw the massive amounts of Team Members that volunteered their time to help the less fortunate.”

U-Haul partners with nonprofits such as the American Red Cross, St. Mary’s Food Bank, St. Vincent de Paul and numerous like-minded organizations, as well as groups that assist veterans and promote veterans’ causes.

Kenneth Parker working in Phoenix located U-Haul Headquarters
Kenneth Parker working at the U-Haul Midtown Campus in Phoenix

In December, the U-Haul corporate office in Phoenix is participating in a toiletries donation drive to benefit Andre House; assisting Kurt Warner’s First Things First Foundation with its Homes for the Holidays makeovers; and helping the Tribute Journey print, pack and distribute Christmas cards to veterans and current military members.

Dedication to Volunteering

Parker’s greatest philanthropic passion is to help raise money during the Christmas season for the Salvation Army.

“Yet anytime The Salvation Army has an upcoming food or clothing distribution, I try to connect them with U-Haul,” Parker noted. “I feel that when I see a need, I should do something about it. I consider it a privilege to volunteer.” U-Haul, in turn, has been able to assist The Salvation Army on some occasions through monetary and in-kind donations.

Parker’s tenure at U-Haul has included stints as a program manager for boxes and moving supplies and a retail sales analyst for U-Haul retail inventory control. U-Haul proudly acknowledges Team Members like Parker who dedicate themselves to bettering their communities and serving others.

Feeding the hungry: Did you know that U-Haul Team Members donated more than 900 turkeys to St. Mary’s Food Bank this Thanksgiving, our largest turkey contribution to date?

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