U-Haul Team Members Wear Red Noses to Fight Child Hunger

May 30, 2018

Some U-Haul Team Members showcased their best Rudolph impersonation to support the end of childhood hunger and poverty through the Red Nose campaign. On May 24, people around the globe wore the colorful accessory in order to raise money for deserving children.

Red Nose Day originally launched in 1988 in the United Kingdom. The campaign is run by the non-profit Comic Relief, Inc., a registered U.S. charity. The day encourages people to purchase and wear red noses, in addition to donating or organizing a fundraiser.

It wasn’t until 2015 that the Red Nose fundraising campaign expanded to the U.S. The campaign has raised over $1 billion since its inception. The proceeds have benefited programs in all 50 states and 34 countries.

“I used to work for Phoenix Children’s Hospital, so childhood hunger and poverty are something that I got a first-hand glimpse of,” explained Carla Woodgate, manager of U-Haul field computer support. “Therefore, I wanted my team to participate in Red Nose Day this year. They enthusiastically embraced the idea!”

Common Goals

U-Haul enriches the communities in which it does business by assisting charitable organizations that address the most basic human needs: food, clothing and shelter. This has long been the scope of U-Haul Company’s community outreach because it views mobility as a basic need for every family, and works to keep costs low to meet that need.

U-Haul offers monthly volunteer events for its Team Members at its Phoenix corporate headquarters. In this case, Woodgate took it upon herself to make a difference in the community while staying within the framework of the Company’s community objectives. U-Haul works with Phoenix Children’s Hospital on multiple community projects each year.


Red Nose Day

Twenty-four U-Haul Team Members from field computer support participated in Red Nose Day. Some wore their noses outside of the office, while others wore them throughout the entire week.

“U-Haul has always been quick to embrace worthy community efforts,” Woodgate said. “Participation with international causes raise awareness within the Company structure. Also, our team’s volunteer involvement across a variety of charity partners promotes goodwill. Red Nose Day fits with U-Haul philanthropic efforts to build stronger communities. Above all, we want to improve living conditions for those who need extra help.”

Special thanks to U-Haul Team Member participants Kaylee Bajo, Chris Britt, Zackery Davis, Marcus Dixon, Brandon Dunlap, Jeremy Fisk, Elise (Liz) Frelich, Warren Gerber, Robin Harrison, Lisa Hart, Krishawn Idlebird, James Lee, Anthony Loetscher, Paul Massey, Walter (Junior) Mathews, Shaun McClain, Matthiew Meilleur, Patrick Mondal, Joe Myers, Dale Peterson, Kassie Stephens, Kimberly VanEseltine, Joe Verra, Mike Wiram, Carla Woodgate and Karlis Wright.

U-Haul Supports Red Nose Day

Did you know, U-Haul International recently sponsored youth athletes at the Special Olympics’ Guardian Games, in Phoenix? 

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