U-Haul Volunteers Serve the Homeless at Andre House

U-Haul volunteers came togeth.er on Jan. 24 to prepare and serve dinner at the Andre House in Phoenix. There are about 550-650 meals served every night to individuals that are homeless at Andre House.

The organization relies on volunteers to ensure each person gets a warm meal. U-Haul is dedicated to helping people meet the their most basic human needs, which means assisting the most vulnerable populations in our community through charity partners like Andre House.

Serving as a Family

U-Haul, which emphasizes the significance of family, often allows its Team Members to bring their family and friends to these volunteer experiences.

There were multiple U-Haul family members that joined in providing dinner for the homeless. U-Haul Supply Systems administrator, Laura Rollins, brought her 14-year-old daughter to help serve.

“My daughter and I had a great time. It was so nice to give back, and to do it with other U-Haul coworkers made it even better,” Rollins said.  

Bean Burrito Night

Volunteers cut fresh fruit and vegetables that would be used for the rest of the week. It was Mexican food night at Andre House. Team U-Haul prepared a salad and burritos, and was able to serve each person that came for dinner. Some volunteers even joined the guests for dinner.

Jeenna Poe Schults, U-Haul customer service agent, said: “It is so important for us to reach out as a family to those who are struggling.”

Andre House works hard to create a welcoming and personal atmosphere that mimics a family dinner. People who receive service at Andre House are guests, neighbors, and friends.

Thank you to U-Haul Team Members and their family for volunteering.

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