U-Haul Tips: 5 Places to Avoid with a Moving Truck

Moving can be a whirlwind for anyone. And, if you are not paying attention, accidents can happen when you are in a chaotic mindset.

There are some specific low-clearance barriers to look out for when moving to avoid truck damage from overhead objectives. These places can cause damage to your moving truck and make your moving day turn sour.

Darryl Horsman, Equipment Damage Program Manager at U-Haul® International, is offering five tips on locations to watch out for when driving your U-Haul truck. Take a look, and remember to drive safely.

(Note: All U-Haul trucks have clearance decals prominently displayed for the customer in an effort to help you avoid top-end collisions of any kind.)

1. Fast Food Drive-Thru Overhangs

Drive-thru restaurants are one of the most appealing places to visit during a long moving day. The whole family is starving. No one is cooking, and gas-station tuna sandwiches don’t sound very tempting. And there is a fast-food establishment on every corner, with the smell of french fries in the air.

But watch the top of your truck in these confined locations. You cannot fit a U-Haul truck under the drive-thru canopy. Park in the lot and go inside to place your order.

2. Parkades

Parkades are another location to keep an eye on. These are common at shopping mall and apartment locations. Even though the provide shade from the sun and would seemingly help keep your belongings in the cargo area a few degrees cooler, please steer clear of them.

3. Overpasses and Bridges 

Certainly we are not advising you avoid any road with an overpass or bridge. But there are some that were not built to accommodate moving trucks, commercial trucks or any other tall vehicle. Many towns (urban and rural) have at least one or two low-clearance bridges.

While Google Maps may know the fastest route to your new residence, it doesn’t consider the size of the equipment you are driving, or the size of the overpass you are encountering. Investigate your route beforehand. Search for bridges on that path and know the clearances. The quickest way isn’t always the best way.

4. Apartment Awnings 

Apartment complexes are a very common destination point on moving day. Most apartment awnings do not have clearance heights clearly marked. When in doubt, err on the side of caution. At the very least, have your moving partner exit the vehicle, stand back and get a good look at both the awning and the truck, and help you gauge the height.

5. Roll-Up Garage and Storage Doors 

Let us preface this entry by stating that many U-Haul self-storage facilities include roll-up doors that allow for an entire moving truck to be pulled indoors to load/unload out of the weather. This can help tremendously on a rainy or snowy day.

While this is a perfectly suitable area to drive your equipment, be mindful that these roll-up doors typically need to be rolled up all the way to ensure that the truck and the door are not damaged. Do not assume raising the door 80% of the way will be enough. Take it to the top.

Stay Safe with Damage Coverage

U-Haul is aware that mishaps on moving day sometimes happen. That is why the Company always recommends that customers opt for damage protection. Safemove Plus® covers any accidental damage to a U-Haul truck — including collision with overhead objects. Safemove®, the most basic damage coverage offered, covers many things but excludes coverage due to collisions with overhead objectives. So be mindful of the insurance choice you make, knowing what is covered with every option.

U-Haul is also pleased to offer Safetrip® insurance for just a flat $5 fee. Safetrip covers unexpected roadside hazards, including battery jump starts, lock-out service, lost keys, fuel service, vehicles stuck in mud or snow, and trailer hook-up issues. Protect yourself with this smart and easy addition to your damage coverage.

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