SafeTrip Offers Extra Protection for U-Haul Customers

U-Haul has expanded its protection coverage with SafeTrip, an extremely affordable add-on option that addresses some very basic mishaps that can occur during a move.

The family of SafeMove protection plans address the large components of a move; vehicle and cargo protection; and driver and passenger medical protection.

SafeTrip is there to help protect U-Haul truck-sharing customers from the more simplistic — yet problematic — occurrences that sometimes surface during a move. These include: lost keys; getting locked out of the truck; running out of gas; getting the truck stuck in mud/snow; and trailer/towing hookup problems.

U-Haul SafeTrip coverage is a flat fee of $5. For this inexpensive addition to your SafeMove damage coverage, you can have protection against common mistakes while relieving yourself of several worries that accompany a busy and stressful life event like moving.

Once again, here is what that extra $5 takes care of during your move.

Lost Keys 

Truck keys sometimes end up lost in the jumble of moving. This can be a pretty common and potentially costly problem. With SafeTrip, you are covered if you lose truck keys. U-Haul is just a call away for help.  

Lock-out Service 

Similar to lost keys, accidentally locking keys inside the truck is another incident that happens more times than you think. During a move, this can be a real grind on your timeline — on top of the locksmith bill. SafeTrip is able to bail you out in this scenario. 

Fuel Service 

Sometimes during that long drive, checking that fuel gauge can be an easily overlooked task. U-Haul will be there to provide up to three gallons of gas to help get you to the next available gas station, if you have SafeTrip.

Stuck in the Mud or Snow

Maybe your moving day isn’t accompanied by ideal weather. But it’s still moving day, and you have to get things done. Muddy and snowy grounds can make excellent traps for moving trucks. So to get your truck tires back on firm footing when this messy situation occurs, it’s SafeTrip to the rescue.

Trailer/Towing Hookup 

Trailer and towing hookup can be difficult if you’re not experienced. As the largest after-market installer of hitches in North America, this is something U-Haul is familiar with addressing. If you have an issue in this regard, and you purchased SafeTrip, contact us for help right away.

Finally, Darryl Horsman, SafeMove protection manager, strongly promotes U-Haul extra protection services like SafeTrip. U-Haul strives to keep its customers safe and stress-free, and this is another way we are able to do so.

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