Tom Neill Named District 3 Area District Vice President

They say that “a rolling stone gathers no moss.” During his 30 years of U-Haul service, Tom Neill certainly has not picked up any moss, though he has gathered ample amounts of know-how (KH) and is eager to use it as District 3 area district vice president (ADVP).

Neill started with U-Haul in 1982 as a customer service representative (CSR) at U-Haul Moving and Storage of San Angelo (740-062) in Texas. Still carving his path in the world, he moved on to other ventures and eventually relocated to Arizona. Soon, Neill’s path led him back to U-Haul and he rejoined the team as an assistant general manager (GM) at U-Haul of Flagstaff (723-023). He soon advanced to the role of GM at U-Haul of 19th and Bell (723-021).

Neill also held the role of area field manager (AFM) for UHC of Eastern Arizona (Co. 723) before eventually relocating back to New Mexico to become senior AFM for UHC of Northern New Mexico (Co. 724). He increased his U-Haul KH as shop manager of Kar-Go of Albuquerque (Shop 147) before being named marketing company president (MCP) of Co. 724, the role he held until his recent promotion to ADVP.

Growing the U-Haul Network

“District 3 is unique in the fact that each marketing company is driven by a different set of dynamics,” Neill declared. “To make things work, you must have the basic foundation in place so that each company can call the right plays to succeed. As ADVP, it will be my responsibility to get multiple marketing companies on the same path to help the organization succeed.”

Citing Management Bulletin No. 742, “Participative Management,” Neill noted that a big part of his role will be to create an environment that empowers people to succeed.

“In MB 742 we learn that, ‘All successful leaders create an atmosphere in which each member of the team performs in a superior manner because that person wants to, not because that person fears some sanction,’” Neill relayed. “Like any championship team, they must have the basics down and want to win.

“The guiding force in my U-Haul career and my will to succeed came from Dean Ross, who was once my ADVP,” Neill continued. “He showed me the way and had a major role in my success with the Company. If I can be what Dean was to so many people, I believe that U-Haul will be better off in the future.”

“Tom is a very calm, yet confident leader who supports his team and motivates them to get results,” praised U-Haul Executive Vice President (EVP) Bill Rains. “Tom has contributed to the personal and professional growth of many Team Members and acquired an incredible amount of U-Haul knowledge in his 30 years of U-Haul service. I look for Tom to share that KH with our Team Members throughout the district in our quest to serve more and more customers.”

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