U-Haul International Moves with U-Box Makes Moving Abroad Easy

Feb 5, 2024

Every new year invites new adventures.

If your 2024 adventures include moving abroad, U-Haul International Moves® is equipped and licensed to support your exciting transition each step of the way.

The U-Haul® brand is known globally for empowering do-it-yourself movers to relocate with affordable and accessible mobility across the U.S. and Canada — something it has been doing since 1945.

U-Haul is also no stranger to assisting customers moving overseas through its hassle-free U-Box® container shipping service.

Recognizing growing demand for an easier international moving solution, U-Haul has expanded its commitment to customers moving abroad. This expansion includes a dedicated in-house international moving team to coordinate each international shipment from start to finish, including delivery to door at your destination. The innovative U-Box solution now offers customers a streamlined, end-to-end overseas moving experience tailored to their individual needs.

Flexibility, Affordability Moving Across Borders

Customers who choose U-Haul International Moves receive all the benefits that make U-Box the most competitive portable storage option in North America, such as 30 days of free storage at your origin and 24 free furniture pads.

In an industry where customers are traditionally faced with many unexpected costs and fees, U-Haul provides peace of mind through transparent pricing.   

“Moving internationally can be a stressful and emotional process. The last thing people need is an unexpected financial burden when they arrive in their new home country,” stated Sam Shoen, Director of U-Box. “From day one, our goal has been to provide our customers the most accurate quote we can. Our International Moving experts are happy to talk through your quote with you and point out which fees most traditional moving companies try to hide in their pricing.”

Global Moves = New Partnerships

U-Haul International Moves has already delivered U-Box containers from the U.S. and Canada to 75 countries as an increasingly mobile workforce has customer demand on an upward trajectory.

Moving people worldwide necessitates the formation of reliable partnerships in other countries. These partnerships expand the global reach of U-Haul and allow for the shipment of moving containers almost anywhere, directly to your doorstep.

One such U-Haul International Moves alliance is with TAXIBOX, Australia’s trusted mobile storage leader. Partnerships like this give U-Haul customers the flexibility to pack and store their U-Box containers in the U.S. or Canada, have them shipped to Australia (or another country), and have them delivered to their new residence for unloading at a time of their choosing. Customers keep the same U-Box containers they packed throughout the moving process and can continue storing their containers for as long as they need – or until they want them shipped back to the U.S. or Canada.

The U-Box team is recruiting highly reputable mobile storage container companies to partner with across the globe. To inquire about partnering, email info@ubox.com.

Who Should Use this Service?

U-Haul International Moves offers seamless international shipping and the comfort of knowing a respected American institution, a growing international infrastructure, and nearly 80 years of moving expertise are behind your entire move.

Who is the target audience for U-Haul International Moves? Anyone needing personal belongings transported securely and efficiently from one home or U-Box storage facility to another home or storage facility that is in another country.

The U-Box solution addresses the needs of both Service Members and government employees stationed overseas; work-from-home professionals who dream of living in Europe or another exciting part of the world; second-home buyers or renters who frequent their getaway and stay a while; international businesspeople with extended or open-ended assignments; students studying abroad for semesters or years; retirees who find tranquility elsewhere; and Americans or Canadians who have been gone and are now ready to come back.

It starts and ends with U-Haul International Moves. Moving internationally just got a lot easier. To receive a quote, visit www.uhaul.com/ubox/internationalquote.

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