Free Range Truck

Free Range Trucks and Trailers

Sharing is Caring It is no secret that U-Haul is built on a model of sharing, where customers move each rental from one area to another to be shared continuously. Sharing…

Bike Rack

Taking the Environmental Route

It should be no surprise that we consider our customers in everything we do. For instance, U-Haul Centers and Dealers are purposefully situated in areas that are convenient and accessible to…

Patriot truck

Patriot Trucks are Repurposed for Reuse

The Patriot Creative Group is founded on the sustainable principle of reuse. Patriot trucks are repurposed and retired U-Haul trucks which reuse all salvageable parts and materials. In order to recycle and reuse retired…

California Drought Warning


You may have noticed recent media coverage surrounding the historical California drought, water conservation mandates, and the newest social media phenomenon called drought shaming. California is entering its 4th year…

Styrofoam Litter

Packing Peanut Concerns? Not at U-Haul!

Traditional Packing Peanut Many people come in contact with Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) on a weekly basis. EPS, also known as Styrofoam ® is commonly used to create insulated cups,…

Environmental Crescordia Award

Moving Arizona Forward

U-Haul Partners with Arizona Forward Arizona Forward is a local Arizona non-profit that has been focused on bringing economic prosperity and environmental quality to the Valley of the Sun since 1969….

Boxes Window display

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, ReBOX!

Boxes are a necessary part of the do-it-yourself moving and storage experience and at U-Haul we aim to provide the best in the industry. After all, boxes are what protect…

packing peanuts green retail

Green Retail Therapy

Have you ever gone shopping because it made you feel better or improved your mood?  At U-Haul we have our own version of retail therapy. You can shop happily knowing…