u-haul trailer

Kyle Schwarber

Home Run Turns Into a Run Home!

A Moving Celebration Back in November the Cubs made history by winning the World Series for the first time in 108 years. Fans everywhere have been waiting for years to see…


Celebrating a Love For Drums

Dave Carrington has had a long time love for drums, “old vintage drums” in particular. Both himself and his twin brother have a passion for buying, restoring and selling drums….

Reno U-Haul Trailer Sign night

Classic U-Haul Trailer Sign Gets Some TLC

RENO, Nev.—In the 1970s, Reno’s population was 121,068 and growing. Casinos like the Sands Regency, Peppermill and Atlantis took shape … and so did another noteworthy business: U-Haul at Oddie…

Tarp Top Trailer

The Evolution of U-Haul Trailers

U-Haul trailers have come a long way from the first trailers that rolled into service in 1945. The evolution of U-Haul trailers has been a thoughtful process to ensure the…