It’s Buy Michigan Week

Much of Detroit’s revival—and that of Michigan as a whole—will come from within. That means people buying local products and services. It’s what Buy Michigan Week is all about.

The three-day Buy Michigan Now Festival is fun for all ages and features live music throughout the weekend.
(Photo courtesy: Buy Michigan Now)

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder proclaimed July 30th-August 5th to be Buy Michigan Week. Now in its fourth year, Buy Michigan Week encourages people to buy Michigan-made products and patronize Michigan-based businesses. The week culminates in the three-day Buy Michigan Now Festival in Northville, August 3rd-5th. The festival includes sidewalk sales, street vendors, live music and children’s activities. And best of all, it’s FREE!

Did you buy a Michigan-made product this week? Or maybe you found something made locally that you’d never seen before. The folks at Buy Michigan Now—who like to think of every week as Buy Michigan Week—want to hear from you! Go to to spread the word,  tweet #BuyMIWeek to join the conversation on twitter, or take their pledge to accept the Buy Michigan Week Challenge.

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