It’s a Two-Way Street: 2nd Avenue Street Conversion

2nd Avenue Street Conversion

I love living in the New Center area! There are fun places, events, food and people here.  Our little community is growing and changing rapidly.  One of the largest changes is making a portion of Second Ave., into a two-way street.  This street has been a one-way street ever since I can remember.  I recall seeing random cars driving the wrong way down the street when it was a one way.  I wondered countless times why it was ever made a one-way in the first place.  What a disaster it was!  That has all changed since this street is now a two-way street.  And, the icing on the cake is that now there are bike lanes!

After doing some research, I found out that the redirection of Second Ave. is an initiative put forth by the New Center Council and its associates as part of the Midtown Loop Greenway.  According to the New Center Council, the Greenway’s purpose is to make traveling from Wayne State to New Center easier.  This is just phase one of the Greenway project which starts on Second Ave., by Wayne State Law School, and ends on Second Ave., and west Grand Boulevard.  Once completely implemented, the Greenway will include not only Wayne State and New Center, but also Henry Ford Hospital, Midtown and Woodbridge. Second Avenue going from a one-way to a two-way street will make traveling easier and more convenient for motor vehicles, pedestrians and bikers as they live in and patronize our community.  What a worthwhile investment.

If you live or work in the New Center area, have you gone down Second Avenue when it was a one way?  Were you actually one of the cars that mistook it for a two-way street?  Are you happy with this change?  What do you think about the bike lanes? Are they a welcome addition to your morning and evening commute?

~ Lady of the D (Olivia)

Olivia is a guest blogger who has lived in Detroit for 25 years.  Olivia currently lives in Midtown and is proud that her once dormant city has blossomed and believes that Midtown is just the beginning! 

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