New Center, Detroit Safety: Best Jogging Streets

New Center Detroit Safety
W. Grand Blvd and the Lodge Freeway in front of Henry Ford Hospital.

I have recently picked up jogging. What better place to do it in than New Center? It’s scenic, has well lit spaces and it’s a safe place to be. My first and foremost concern is about safety. As Detroiters, we frequently hear about crime happening in our own back yards; someone robbed, shot, killed or carjacked. I am glad that New Center is generally a safe place. It’s part of midtown where a COMPSTAT program has been initiated. This program involves neighboring security and police who collaborate to keep crime down through crime mapping and concentrating on crime “hot spots” (per the South End). There’s also a Seward block club, Henry Ford Police Department and a private security company that patrols the New Center area.

Of course, common sense goes a long way too. Regardless of how safe you think an area is, you should always pay attention to your surroundings. At night stay in well lit areas. The best lit areas in New Center are usually on W. Grand Blvd. starting at Woodward and ending just west of the Lodge Freeway. It has an array of buildings and businesses like Henry Ford Hospital, the Fisher Building, and New Center One that are well lit and usually open around the clock providing excellent lighting. The city of Detroit has chosen to shut the city street lights off at night because of budget cuts, but luckily W. Grand Blvd is still lit.

New Center Detroit Safety
Biking on W. Grand Blvd in the New Center Area.

And although there are many lovely places in the New Center Area, I choose to run on W. Grand Blvd because it’s the prettiest to me. The New Center Council plants flowers in the spring and summer and they light the trees in the winter. Some days, while passing by New Center Park you may hear jazz and other music being played. Jog past the New Center Eatery to smell the delightful scent of chicken and waffles.

Henry Ford Hospital has purchased some land and is planning on building residences and businesses to add to the ambiance of New Center.  I hope other businesses will follow suit. Detroit is coming up with a vengeance, starting in New Center. I’m glad to be here to witness history in the making during my early years.

~ Lady of the D (Olivia)

Olivia Blogger
Lady of the D

Olivia is a guest blogger who has lived in Detroit for 25 years.  Olivia currently lives in Midtown and is proud that her once dormant city has blossomed and believes that Midtown is just the beginning! 

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